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Rodney E. Nichols | Fashion Designer | Yendor Slohcin Designs

Rodney NicholsSince 1973, Rodney Nichols has created designs in the fashion industry that have spoken to the American fashion market, as well as to the lifestyle. With an early aptitude for textile and design, his interest was supported by his mother, who saw his talents and taught him how to sew. In addition, his teacher recognized and helped bring out his drawing abilities. At the age of eight, Mr. Nichols talents caught the eyes of the Trentonian, a local newspaper, which featured him and his work and designated his talents as a child prodigy. The late James Carlucci also recognized his early talents when he attended The Boys and Girls Club of America due to his ability in draping and drawing styles from the famous designers of the 40s and 50s.

In addition to designing fashion, Mr. Nichols has served as a state worker/senior staff representative for more than 37 years. Since 1985, he served as a state worker for the Department of Labor and in 1995, he transitioned to the Department of Treasury of Revenue. Since 1998, Mr. Nichols has served as a senior staff representative of CWA Local (Union) 1033 Chapter. He has also displayed his compassion for others as a caregiver since 2013. Mr. Nichols has great people skills. He loves working with people and people enjoy working with him. He has been driven by the desire to make the world beautiful and safe. Looking toward the future, he hopes to take his designs on the road and feature in a television series. He considers his greatest career achievement thus far to be the way people still recognize and thank him on the street for the designs and fashion he brought to them.

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